on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will Batman and Superman team up in their own movie?

There's a hell of a movie rumor floating around the internet. Sources say that Batman and Superman are going to team up in their own Warner Bros. production. The studio has two (fairly obvious) ideas for the team-up.

According Think McFly Think , sources are telling them that WB is hungry for a Batman/Superman team-up movie. (This is definitely an unsourced rumor for now, so please take with several grains of salt.)

There are allegedly two different storylines being tossed around for this Clark-and-Bruce film. One version would have the wise old Batman (Christian Bale) mentoring the young and inexperienced Superman (Henry Cavill). Or if Bale turns out to be unavailable, the second idea is to have Superman tutoring Batman and get a brand new Bruce, ditching Christopher Nolan's continuity entirely.