on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pungko pungko is the vernacular term of the act of squatting.  During the times of our grandparents, they usually eat at these food stalls along the street.  Since there are no tables and chairs, they would squat down and eat, thus the term pungko pungko was derived from.  As the years passed, pungko pungko began to evolve, tables and chairs were added, some even have tents to protect their customers from the heat of the sun.

You're not a Cebuano if you haven't tried eating at pungko pungko.  The weather might be hot, but I enjoyed every minute of my meal.  The best part of the meal is, the prices of these stuff are cheap.  Ngohiong only cost P5.00,ginabot is only P10.00, chorizo is only P5.00, fried egg at p5.00, fried fish head and dried squid is only p8.00.  Each puso is only p3.00.