on Thursday, August 18, 2011

A fire that raged for nearly two hours burned more than 150 houses in two Cebu City barangays Wednesday noon.

As many as 2,252 persons were left homeless, but the final number may be higher. The flames also forced more than 1,000 pupils out of a public school building, while customers of a nearby motel scampered out of harm's way.

The fire, which started in Sitio Ponce Dos, Barangay Carreta, immediately spread to Sitio Tierra Cora in Barangay Tejero as it was fanned by the wind.

Based on the initial investigation, the fire started in a two-storey house where a gas tank allegedly exploded.
However, fire investigators said they will have to investigate further to confirm what caused the fire.
The flames quickly spread through the houses, most of which were made of light materials.
It took at least one hour and 45 minutes before firefighters put the flames out, said SFO3 Jimmy Layao, Cebu City fire investigator.